An in-browser command line

Why CST?


CST has a basic syntax and is very easy to learn. Start off on the right foot by checking out our docs.


CST implements commands that can perform complex tasks at your fingertips. Pack power into every command using arrays, storage, files, and file execution.


From data handling to tab managing, CST can do anything along the way. With the ability to run external languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the possibilities are limitless.

Recent changes:

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Other Resources


Encrypt text and data securely using our PGP encrypter/decrypter. Simply plug in the data to encrypt or decrypt and the key, and click a button!

Browser Data

Look through the secret peephole into your browser by discovering every statistic of your browser, including cookie information, browser version, and browser ancestor!

Library Creater

Create publicly accessible libraries to run in the CST Terminal! Libraries must be written in CST. Try using the guess-game library on the command line by typing "import guess-game" at the command prompt.

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